Scientific method

August 15, 2007 at 4:51 pm Leave a comment

Observation: I have two Jennifers: Jen A. and Jen B. Each of my Jennifers happens to have at least two Sarahs. One might speculate that each of these Sarahs has another Jennifer, who has another Sarah, etc., and thus that every Jennifer has a Sarah and every Sarah, then, has a Jennifer.

Hypothesis: There is a metaphysical connection between girls of the name Jennifer and girls of the name Sarah. One cannot exist without the other. A Jennifer without a Sarah or a Sarah without a Jennifer is, therefore, an incomplete being: throwing the universe out of whack, and doomed to a life of emptiness and despair.

Other possibilities: It has occurred to me that the popularity of the names Jennifer and Sarah may be the cause of the Jennifer-Sarah link. The high occurrence of babies with these names in the early 1980s could thus indicate a high probability of a girl named Jennifer having a friend named Sarah and vice versa. As both names ranked in the top 5 for the decade (according to the Social Security Administration–they would know), this explanation seems feasible.

Argument: However, Jessica, Amanda and Ashley also ranked in the top 5. It would then seem statistically probable that every Sarah and/or Jennifer would have a Jessica, Amanda and Ashley too. Yet this is not necessarily the case.

Conclusion: I am right, as evidenced by Jen A’s statement: “You are a shining example of intelligence wrapped up in pretty.” She also gave me peanut M&M’s. Metaphysical connection. Complete and fulfilled being.


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