Telepathic Nice-o-Gram

October 1, 2007 at 5:55 pm Leave a comment

On the occasion that I witness an ordinary act of kindness, I often think “That was so very nice!” and wish that I could send a mental *HUG* to the Nice Person, and that they would sense the mental *HUG* and feel good knowing that a stranger they never saw or knew was watching, and will never cross paths with again, thinks that they are deserving of a mental *HUG* for niceness, or in technical terms, a Telepathic Nice-o-Gram.

And these go mainly for tiny, little, banal acts of kindness: for thinking of another’s feelings or comfort before one’s own. Like the drivers of big vehicles that don’t pull up all the way so that the driver of the little vehicle that was there first can see and turn out safely onto a busy road–or, as I have experienced, who realize they have blocked the little-car driver’s view and signal to them when the road is clear. Or those who, when stopped or nearly stopped, let another car turn out onto the road before them. Or tall people who notice a shorter person having trouble reaching an item at the back of a high shelf in the grocery store. Or the person that tells a joke or makes a funny comment or just gives a genuine smile and a sincere “Hi, how are you?” to the exhausted, frowny sales clerk. You’ve probably seen it too, or, if you are one of my friends, you’ve probably even done it. Things that generally go unnoticed, things that–to the Nice Person–just seem like a normal thing to do, think nothing of it. Well, take heart, Nice People, for I think very much of it.

Since we are plenty aware of not-niceness, and comment quite freely on what a nasty bitch that cashier was because she was unfriendly and didn’t even say “hi” despite the fact that she’s probably been standing on her feet for 8 hours listening to *boop!* *boop!* *boop!* so that she can pay for her 3-year-old son to eat every day on her minimum wage salary from a billion-dollar company that couldn’t give a shit about her or her 3-year-old or even you the customer, as she deals with the People Who Believe Themselves To Be The Center Of The Universe racking up a bill totaling $178.24 even though all they went in for was gum and a bottle of shampoo, it hardly seems fair for genuine niceness to go unrewarded.

So to those Nice People who make room for amicability and thoughtfulness in their lives–which are just as busy and equally important as everyone else’s–I raise my glass overflowing with little joys to you and drink heartily in the humanity of your spirit. For you have just recieved a Telepathic Nice-o-Gram.


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