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I realized that I still have to decide what class(es) I’m going to take in the winter/spring. And I just don’t know. Well shoot.

I also find myself wishing that Thanksgiving would just get over with already. This is perhaps because I find Thanksgiving to be at once both the most stressful and the most boring holiday of the year. Which itself perhaps has something to do with (a) having to decide how on earth we are going to see everyone on the planet, drive the length of the state four and a half times and eat three identical turkey dinners successively throughout the day, (b) that this decision-making process begins in September and (c) that Keith almost always leaves the decision up to my Libra self. You see, Libras are notoriously indecisive–because they are so fair and balanced and want to make everyone happy, and therefore are incapable of making decisions out of absolute fear that the wrong decision will create turmoil in their lives and possibly cause the Earth to explode. Personally, I find it quite difficult to register for classes or make solid Thanksgiving plans when the fate of the world is at stake.

I’m exaggerating slightly of course. But that’s what it feels like, at least in anticipation. To which Curtis said, “That’s why we’ll be on our honeymoon for Thanksgiving,” referring of course to his impending nuptials. To which I say Curtis wins the Smartest Man of the Month Award. And the sooner Thanksgiving is over, the sooner I can start going bananas over where to put the stupid Christmas tree because I did not take that into account when I rearranged the living room.

Anyway I’ve managed to come up with a graph of just how screwed up my mind has been over the last 3-1/2 years, because–you know–somehow plotting it out makes me feel *less* neurotic.


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