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November 21, 2007 at 2:48 pm Leave a comment

You’ll see that I’ve added a “Challenges” section to the sidebar, where I plan to list any upcoming races and runs I intend to participate in. First up is the 22nd Governor’s Bay Bridge 10K Run, which goes from Kent Island to Sandy Point State Park. Sister-in-law Kelly suggested it, in lieu of the Marine Corps Historic Half (half-marathon) which filled up before we could register. Freakin fanatics.

What this ultimately means is that come May, I’ve got to be able to run 6.2 miles all at once at a pace faster than a 12 minute mile. I know that experienced runners are probably scoffing, as this is quite un-fast. I ran Track & Field for four years in high school, so I’m not a total novice to running–I’m just new to distance running, and to running without someone else to be motivated for me. And unfortunately I will have no one standing off to the side every day when I’m supposed to be training, yelling “RUN, b*tch!” which is really what I need. Considering that the longest race I’ve ever been in lasted no longer than 72 seconds (that’s 400m, ~1/4 mile, or one lap around the track), I’m starting to feel overwhelmed by all this long distance pacing mind over matter crap because really all I’ve ever wanted to do is run as fast as my short little legs will carry me and get to the end so that I can resume drinking anything but water and eating chocolate and potato chips. Because there are some things I just have no patience for. Yet.

So I thought I would start my training program by creating a masthead that would inspire me to get up and run. Or eat Skittles.


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