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January 7, 2008 at 11:10 am Leave a comment

Well, I must say that in the first six weeks of the Sarahthon, I have done an excellent job of failing tremendously. However, please note the clever use of oxymoron to emphasize this point and keep in mind that at least my writing has not suffered as much as my waistline. And thighs. And ass.

I had hoped to avoid going into New Year’s Resolution territory, so I won’t. I once made the mistake of telling someone about a resolution I had made. Her immediate and only response was “Most people don’t keep their New Year’s resolutions.” Thank you. Yes. I feel encouraged and ready to tackle my resolution now. They also say that by telling someone about their goals, most people are more likely to stick with them. Makes you…accountable. I did not accomplish that goal, and I suppose it should be no small wonder why. Tactfulness lesson number one: Be sure to keep your Singularly-Narrow-Minded-Know-It-All Comments Filter locked in the ON position at all times.

Anyway the reasons why I should be motivated to run, or walk–or hell, to move–have now (admittedly) grown to include the fact that at the end of May I will be going to Savannah to perform the role of Lady of Honor for my best friend’s wedding. And I really don’t want to be fat for another wedding, especially since…well, I probably shouldn’t discuss it on the Internet where just *anyone* can read it because that would be hurtful and WRONG. The point is that I’ve tried not to let my own vanity get in there with all of the “important” reasons for wanting to get in shape. Whatever. The badge might say “Lady of Honor,” BUT I WANT TO *LOOK* LIKE MUY CALIENTE SEÑORITA OF HONOR *sizzle sizzle*.

I came prepared to work out today, as it’s a beautiful spring day–no, I’m sorry, it’s actually the start of Maryland’s annual January weeklong-spring-before-winter tease–and beyond getting paid to sit indoors and rot, I have no excuse for NOT being outside, despite all my willfulness against physical exertion.


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