A poor excuse, some normal anxiety, and a potentially debilitating neurosis

April 8, 2008 at 8:25 am Leave a comment

I told myself I’d take the Run-O-Cam out this past weekend and bring back something wonderful to show you. Alas, I confess, I haven’t been out running because IT’S COLD AND RAINY. I don’t know if cold and rainy can still qualify as an excuse for a hardcore aspiring amateur marathoner — but dude! It’s cold and rainy.

Rest assured, I am still cutting it up on the treadmill at the gym (at least *twice* a week…), and as an added bonus, I haven’t been tearing up my shins! There’s still a little soreness, but nothing I can’t run through and wash away with a bit of adrenaline.

And so I’m running a 10K in a little less than two weeks. On one hand, I’m having tiny-esque attacks of anxiety every time I think about how I have no idea whether I am yet physically capable of completing such a distance in a reasonable amount of time. And on the other, I remind myself that I always freak out and end up doing just fine. Not perfect — which inevitably kills me a little, because I think we all know that I am a neurotic perfectionist, and I have a hard time getting out there at all if I know I probably can’t meet my exceptionally high standards — but I always finish and that’s good enough, right? I am learning.


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Note to self May the Phone be with you

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