6 down, 20 to go

April 16, 2008 at 6:48 am Leave a comment

Here I am jogging the first of 6 miles yesterday evening — photo courtesy of Keith, who operated the Run-O-Cam, carried water, kept me company, cheered me on and calculated the percentage of the total distance that I had completed, all while following on Rollerblades. And I’m sure you’d like to commend me on a good show of perseverence in the face of procrastination. Why, thank you; you are too kind.

What is the muscle that connects between the top of the thigh and hip? (Iliacus? Psoas major?) The one you use to lift your leg, say, to walk up stairs or step into a pair of pants? Yeah, mine hurt in both legs, so I wore a dress today, but unfortunately must walk up stairs to exit the office trailer-trailer where I work, in order to use the restroom because I have been drinking Gatorade all morning. Thirsty. Other than that, I feel okay. A mixture of proud and scared, as I’ve set a new benchmark for runnable distance.

One more thing for the rest of the week — some rules:

  1. No soda, tea or coffee (hot chocolate and milkshakes are okay). Water and blue Gatorade instead.
  2. Lots of stretching.
  3. Clean the house because Kelly’s staying over and Greg (Keith’s dad) wants to install the ceiling fan (!) in our bedroom.

Entry filed under: run-o-cam, Sarahthon, training.

I do have something better to do (like run), but I’m trying to think of a way out of it Uphill battle

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