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June 7, 2008 at 8:02 am 1 comment

The solstice might be a few weeks away yet, but summer’s already peeking around the corner. It wasn’t quite as hot as it will be, but it was hazy, and I ran two miles yesterday in a cloud of tangible humidity, with deer flies jumping on my arms–those suckers land on you while you’re moving! And they won’t go away! They don’t bother me quite as much as those damn sand fleas though; at least you can brush the deer flies away, and they’re not so small that you can actually inhale them while you’re running through a cloud of them. Ick. There was, however, a very nice breeze coming off the water. Nevertheless, it is very clear to me that I should learn to get up early on the weekdays and run in the morning.

I was supposed to run those two miles at a 12:37 pace, but I inadvertently ran a bit faster than that. As I approached the first mile marker, I looked at my watch and realized I had run the first mile in about 8:30. Whoa. I tried to slow it down a bit on the second mile, for fear that I would fizzle out and collapse in a wheezing, twitching heap on the side of the road, but it’s hard to slow down when you’re already feeling comfortable at a certain pace, and I finished at 17:38–that’s roughly nine minutes for the second mile. I don’t know that I could have run a full third mile, but I mean if I could, that would be *amazing* for me and the 5K I’m running next Saturday! I didn’t think I could run that fast *ever,* and part of me still thinks my watch might be broken. Or maybe it’s just the weather.

P.S. — And oh, I left the Run-O-Cam in the car during running, but have some pictures of a snake Keith found in a tree near the car before we started. I’ll post one for you later.


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If I had gone jogging through the streets and squares of Savannah Ready to run

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