Good things come preprogrammed

July 22, 2008 at 6:43 pm Leave a comment

There are days when I have to fight tooth and nail with my psyche to run a full mile. There are days when the *other* things in life outweigh working out. There are days when I’d rather gouge my eyes with spoons rather than put on my shoes and go for a run.

And then there are days like today, which seems to be headed for one of the above. You know, when my head just isn’t in it. But I was kindly reminded of what lies ahead — a marathon to be specific — and I knew I couldn’t skip out.

He: “So, you’re doin’ some running!? Keith said you’re going to run a 5K or something?!”

Me: “I did a 5K back in June. I’m signed up to run the Marine Corps Marathon in October though.”

He: “WHAT!? You’re crazy girl! That’s awesome! Good job!”

Me: [weak laughter] “Well I haven’t done anything yet…”

He: “Yeah, but you’ve got more ambition than I’ve got. Good luck!”

(He being one who runs 8 miles at noon in the dead heat of summer.)

Accountability. It’s a real bitch, you know.

So Keith and I went to the gym tonight. And I was going to wimp out and get on the elliptical (although, I must say the elliptical really is nothing to scoff at), but all the elliptical machines were in use. So I breathed a heavy sigh, selected my treadmill and climbed on. And then I figured out how to use the preprogrammed workouts. And I selected HILLS. AND THIS HAS FOREVER CHANGED MY LIFE. For I have just had the most incredible, challenging, satisfying, triumphant workout in a long while. Once I learned to pay attention to when the machine was going to incline so that I would not go rolling off the back of the belt, that is. Quads burning, sides cramping, lungs bursting, the steady pace throughout, the long, glorious sprint for the last 45 seconds — it was more beautiful than a giant scoop of vanilla ice cream atop a warm brownie with hot fudge sauce.


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