Six Random Things About Myself: Part Four

August 13, 2008 at 7:00 am 2 comments

August 13 is International Left-Handers Day. I’ll bet you didn’t know that. And, look! Today is August 13! Which makes me think this is the perfect opportunity for Random Thing Number Four:
    I am left-handed. And PROUD.

Even though we lefties are in great company, life’s not easy. No, all of our talent, brilliance and beauty comes at a difficult price. In my lifetime, I’ve been told time and again that I do certain things backwards. Most people that say this don’t mean any harm, but it still bugs me: I’m not backwards. I’m a slow writer, just to make my writing legible and to keep my hand from getting inky, and because the way I form my letters mirrors the way a right-handed person writes hers. My mother was verbally attacked at the bank once, when I was thirteen months old, because she let me grab a rattle with my left hand, and dear god in heaven that would be disastrous.

Still, we lefties are a proud group: we congratulate ourselves on being left-handed, we share an instant bond with all other lefties we encounter, whether we know each other or not. You’re left-handed?! I’m left-handed too! Rock on! We’re a special bunch.

But as with every other group of people who have been oppressed, misunderstood, mistreated and linguistically abused, living life as a lefty has given me the fortitude to overcome great odds and excel in ways that not just any old righty can understand. It’s given me the strength to stand up and say let’s make the world a friendlier place for lefties.

And so, my friends — left, right, and everything in between — raise up your voices and punch your (left) fist in the air, for we have the power to overcome right supremacy. There’s a day in the future when our children will write at desks suited for all hands, in notebooks with the spiral on top, when we understand each other’s differences and appreciate that these are the very things that make the human race so darn interesting. But let’s not dream of it: let’s make it real.

It’s the left thing to do.


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