September 2, 2008 at 11:24 pm 1 comment

We met Remington on the second day of our visit at Grandma & Grandpa’s. We had pulled into the driveway and were no sooner out of the car when he greeted us with great enthusiasm. And energy. And enthusiasm. And a stuffed rooster.

And he was just so friendly and obedient and handsome that Mom, Dad, Keith and I were instantly enamored. I dare you to meet that dog and not be.

“Who is this?” we asked Grandma.

“Remington,” she replied, adding with a smirk, “He’s just a puppy, you know.”

We couldn’t believe it at first, because he stood a good two feet tall at his shoulders, and was just brimming with gusto. But a few minutes of rambunctious play and hearing his high-pitched puppy yelp was enough to prove that he was indeed just a puppy — one month shy of his 1st birthday.

Remington is a fairly new arrival at the Best of Friends Humane Society no-kill shelter, founded by Grandma 10 years ago and operated twenty feet from their house in the Soo. Let me take a moment to note that Grandma is into her 80s now, has survived a heart attack, undergone hip replacement surgery, uses a walker to help her get around — and yet she works 15 hours a day, seven days a week, caring for her rescued animals. She has also, in her lifetime, given birth to eight children, and has been married to the same man for over 50 years. After her dancing career. (This is where I get my oodles and oodles of tenacity and grace; sadly I did not inherit her sewing skills.) The woman is a rock, I tell you.

But back to Remington. If we’d had room in the car and if we owned a yard the size of a football field, I can say with confidence that this dog would have come home with us. But as there was barely room in the car for three bottles of wine and a few t-shirts, and we own a yard the size of a football, he’ll get to go home with someone else — hopefully soon. How about you?! You’d *love* Remington!

After all, he’s pretty low maintenance. All he really wants is a stick and someone to throw it.

Go get a stick, Remington!

‘Adda boy!

Wait a minute…

I didn’t say half a tree, did I?


Oh you handsome devil.

We miss you.


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  • 1. onewandering  |  September 3, 2008 at 12:36 am

    Damn, after the evening I’ve had I really shouldn’t have read this post! I miss my dog…

    Remington looks like he might have some rhodesian ridgeback in him! ;) Handsome devil.


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