A necessary sacrifice

September 28, 2008 at 8:09 pm Leave a comment

You know, I managed to get all the way through college without ever having pulled an all-nighter. I came close a few times, but — understanding the importance of sleep and it’s effect on my judgment, comprehension and coherency — I always managed to sneak in at least a few hours of shut-eye.

Interestingly, since I’ve graduated, I’ve pulled three — count’em: THREE — all-nighters, sleepless nights, nights of not even thinking about going to bed. One was a few years ago, when I stayed up all night baking cookies for a craft show. The second was when I was packing and getting ready to leave for our trip to Michigan.

The third was the night before last, when I was determined to finish crocheting my sweater, dammit. I started it three weeks ago because I couldn’t find a little shrug or bolero to wear with my dress to Keith’s cousin’s wedding (that didn’t cost more than my arm and firstborn). And suddenly — Eureka! — I remembered I’d purchased a bolero crochet pattern from KristieLynn months ago. It would be perfect! I purchased the yarn and got started.

I was doing fine, until I stopped having time to work on it, thanks to my master’s degree (they expect you to take classes, it really gets in the way). And the sleeves looked all wonky, which was frustrating. But I’d started, and I knew that if I didn’t finish it for this wedding — if I took away my deadline — I’d keep piddling away at it for months, maybe even *years*, and work on dozens — no, HUNDREDS — of other shorter term projects instead. I didn’t know it would take me all night.

I worked through the Presidential Debate and eight hours of TV Land. When I Love Lucy came on at 6, I realized sleep was out of the question; we were supposed to leave at 8. I finished crocheting the last bit of trim during Bonanza, around 7:30. I finished sewing it all together in the car on the way to Annapolis. And then I got whatever sleep I could in the car to the music of the pouring rain and my mother-in-law’s chit chat.

Sure, I would have been better off if I’d gotten some sleep: not only was I exhausted and completely unable to help Keith stay awake while driving home late last night, I will undoubtedly take days to recover. (My sleep cycle is very sensitive.) I barely have enough energy and focus to finish the paper I’m supposed to be writing for class, which is due this very night. Please don’t judge me. It just might have been worth it.


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