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January 14, 2009 at 8:52 pm 1 comment

For a long, long time I resisted Facebook. I had been goaded into joining MySpace by a friend, but aside from its lack of human-friendly interface, I found it to be nothing more than a useless time-suck. I was certain that Facebook could be nothing more than a more grown up version of a useless time-suck. And so I turned up my nose.

But then a few days ago, I caved. I don’t really know why — it’s not like I suddenly have more time to suck time to be sucked time which can be sucked away from more productive endeavors; I just had this feeling that if I tried and hated it, I could always quit — no harm done. But then again, maybe I would really like it. So I signed up. I friended some people. People friended me. I have 11 friends. Life is good.

Still, I sat at my computer clicking through the site — back and forth, page to page — wondering with a crinkled nose and raised eyebrow, “Is that… it?” I updated my status — an act from which I actually derive immense joy. Is that weird? Sarah is pondering the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and Facebook.

Maybe it really is intended simply to conquer the souls of men.*

Later, I logged on to Ravelry to find out what size crochet hook I had used for a crochet project that I was trying to repeat. I smiled as I read the details of what I had done — everything I needed to know was right where I needed it. And I loved Ravelry all the more for it. All of my past projects, queued projects, hooks and books were catalogued, databased, interfaced. All for me.

And then it hit me like Naomi Campbell’s Blackberry.

Facebook is like Ravelry, but for people. I can catalogue and organize my friends — all in one place! I can carry on multiple conversations from one centralized “dashboard,” if you will, and — holy heck — all while I do the very stuff (like work on my master’s project) that would otherwise keep me from writing an e-mail or making a phone call to catch/keep up with friends. Thank you, Facebook inventors, for recognizing the need for one to organize her peeps.** It’s almost too much joy for one neurotic perfectionist to bear.

*Men as in humankind, not men as in men.

**Not a euphemism.


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  • 1. onewandering  |  January 15, 2009 at 12:09 am

    Always one to be entirely too literal when I’m tired — I am sitting here imaginging you lining up those damn marshmallow chickens, organizing them by color or perhaps by which ones only have one eye.

    But I *am* glad that our friendship is *finally* official! Now we both need to join a page for Pirates! ARRR!


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