I don’t know why

March 5, 2009 at 12:54 pm 2 comments


Generally, I like to run. Really, I do. I’d rather just go out for a run than try to control a soccer ball, or basketball, or volleyball, or football…you get the idea. Some days, I like running more than other days. Other days, running is practically the last thing on my list of Willing To Do, just below “clean toilets” and slightly above “jab eyeballs with pencil.” Nevertheless, in general, I like it.

But I am not, nor will I ever be one of those people for whom running is the Be All End All, Amen — the people who are all, “I’m addicted to running! I can’t start my day without a run!”, with their Runner’s World subscriptions and Active.com accounts.

Not that I have a problem with those people. Sure, I think some of them are a little psychotic, but like anyone else who’s willing do to or try something that I’m unwilling to do myself, I maintain a healthy respect for those hardcore runner-addicts. I understand the level of physical skill and mental determination it takes to run like that. And after sharing in the joy of a good, hard sprint at the end of a long run or across a finish line, I see where the addiction comes from — the euphoria of being better than yourself. And I get why they continue to pursue it.

It’s just not me.

This is what I think about when I’m on the treadmill, staring at the TV — Jeopardy! is on, but I don’t know if I’m getting the answers right because I’m nearsighted, and can’t read the closed captioning from that far away. Soon my vision gets blurrier from all the blood and adrenaline surging through my body, and I can’t read the questions either. So I start wondering what I’m doing there in the first place. I’m not really built for running long distances — like an effing marathon — and I’m not really into running for the sake of running. And look, it’s not even clearing my head. So what then? What am I doing? What the heck was I thinking, setting out on this quest?

It makes no sense, no sense at all.


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In case I don’t make it Seven days

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  • 1. Janet  |  March 5, 2009 at 5:03 pm

    I know what you mean! When I did my half marathon, I couldn’t imagine how people were able to run the entire way, much less at a decent pace. I was just happy to finish.

    I run from time to time, and it’s mostly around the track a few times at the gym. I really like using the elliptical, with a good mix of tunes to listen to. Actually…I prefer the elliptical to running. It’s easier on my joints and I don’t have to worry about running into anything or anyone.

    It’d be great if there was such a thing as an elliptical competition. Hmm….

  • 2. Jen A.  |  March 5, 2009 at 10:01 pm

    Because no one puts baby in the corner!!!

    Or, at least, no one tells you what you can — or can’t — do. :)

    I also SO want to buy you this LAUGHologist shirt:


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