Seven days

March 9, 2009 at 7:44 pm 1 comment

A lot can change in seven days. Especially if you’re The Weather, and you’re in Southern Maryland.

For example, this was the tree in our front yard seven days ago.


It was well below freezing outside. It was the heaviest snow we’ve had in years. YEARS. Last year we barely got flurries. It was the second day of March. We had no electricity.

And this was our tree today — seven days later.


Our Bradford pear is on the verge of blossoming pretty white pear blossoms. Funny-smelling pear blossoms. When the blossoms wither and drop, it will look sort of romantic and snowy in a funny-smelling flower petally sort of way. Not like seven days ago.

It was up to seventy degrees today. SEVENTY. I wore a skirt and light jacket to work, after months of jeans and tights under jeans and wool sweaters and long sleeved shirts under those wool sweaters, and wool coat. And boots. And mittens. And scarves. And okay, it’s not really *that* cold in Southern Maryland in the winter (except for seven days ago), but I’m a wimp about the cold so please don’t ridicule me too much. Anyway, getting to wear a skirt and cute shoes made me feel more voluptuous and womanly and less like the Michelin Man. I was able to turn off the heater, and keep my socks off of my cold-sensitive feet long enough to file and polish my toenails — and let the polish dry completely. My toenails are now a delightful spring-like shade of Hibiscus Happiness. And I’ve enjoyed it, thankyouverymuch, because seven days from now, who knows what the weather will bring.


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  • 1. onewandering  |  March 9, 2009 at 8:43 pm

    No ridicule here — when your office temp is barely warmer than outside, in WINTER, there are no amount of layers that can make that situation feel good. Your only defense is to resort to hot chocolate! ;)

    So, Yay for Spring! Until summer comes and we’re slipping off our shoes underneath our desks, pressing cold glasses of lemonade against our foreheads and wondering if that snowball we put in the mini fridge’s freezer compartment is still in there…


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