Spring fix

April 17, 2009 at 12:00 pm Leave a comment

I tend to think of spring as a transitional season, along with fall, with summer and winter being the “main” states, if you will. It makes sense in my head. In spring (and fall) there’s so much changing going on; the weather is hardly the same from one day to the next, and the landscape really is making quite a dramatic transition from winter to summer (or vice versa).


I admit, I get impatient with spring, whereas I always wish fall would slow down — I want to savor it. But during spring? I just want summer to hurry up already. And this year, please leave the humidity behind.


But last weekend, before Easter dinner at my in-laws’ house, I got to slow down for a minute and enjoy what spring has to offer: still-green dogwood blossoms, for example. In a few weeks, they’ll be wide open and snowy white, but I’m glad I got to see the infant blooms, their tips tinged with a deep plum.

Nature sure is funky.


Keith’s parents have bleeding heart growing in a pot on their patio. They were too pinky-pink for me though. (Sorry, Nature.) So I used Pioneer Woman’s Seventies Photoshop action to soften it up. I like the Alberta spruce in the background. It looks like an asterisk bush.


But I tend to enjoy spring the most after a good rain. It makes tree bark take on a deep, dark black-brown, and really shows off all of the new-leaf colors. My favorite combination is that dark brown with springy yellow-green, like the moss growing on our Bradford Pear. I don’t enjoy the puddles though.

Spring sure is pretty. So I guess summer can take its time getting here. But please leave the humidity behind.


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