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I baked banana bread last weekend, and I finally threw most of it away yesterday. I learned something very, very important: I like Splenda in my coffee. I absolutely, positively do not like Splenda in my banana bread. Blech.


Last weekend, I also made these; I call them Oatmeal Breakfast Bar Cookies. It’s basically an oatmeal bar cookie, made with half white flour, half wheat flour, and filled with rolled oats, raisins, craisins, sunflower kernels and chocolate chips. I added “breakfast” to the name so that I wouldn’t feel bad eating them in the morning before work. What?


But they’re all gone now. I ate them all. Keith ate them all too. There will be more before Sunday night though. WITH GOD AS MY WITNESS, I WILL NEVER BE BREAKFAST COOKIELESS AGAIN! I’m thinking about chopping up some dried apricots and throwing those in this time, maybe with some orange zest, and trying almond butter to replace some of the butter-butter. But not until I finish my coffee.


And not until the oven is finished cleaning itself. Sweet potatoes: those things sure are juicy.

But the biggest news of all this week is that Maxwell, my beloved iMac, is now a big brother. Our MacBookPro arrived on Tuesday, all the way from Shanghai. We call him Xiaoping. So now, I can sit at the dining room table and write about Oatmeal Breakfast Bar Cookies while I eat my eggs and drink my coffee, and wait for the oven to clean itself. Life is good.

My name is Sarah, and I’m addicted to the Internet. And Photoshop. And Macintosh. And food.


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