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It’s pretty hard to look at a sunflower and not feel a little leap of joy inside. They’re so unabashed in sharing their cheer, their happy faces, as if the one thing in life that makes them truly happy is to make people smile. Or laugh. Or frolick through their fields among the bees.

They love you, and they want you to love them, knowing that it means taking them away from the place they’ve always known, from their place of comfort and contentment. Take me home with you, they say, and I will make you happy for the rest of my days.


It’s not an easy job, finding the right sunflower, what with there being so many of them and all different kinds — some big, some small, some yellow, some orange, black centers, green centers, and on and on. But you have friends who help you search, even in the mud and rain.


And then, you look over your shoulder and there he is, waiting patiently for you.


And while your friends have accompanied you to the threshold, you have to go in all on your own, to fetch him, to keep him, to maintain the wonderful balance that exists, invisibly, between you.


It often looks like a tangled, confusing mass of stems and leaves, with perturbed bees coming out to give you trouble every now and again. You get stuck in the mud and lose a shoe. The rain falls harder. But you tread carefully, patiently, and recommit yourself every minute to pursuing that sunny happiness, to knowing a life enriched by the beauty and joy and yellowness of your sunflower.


And what a sweet, happy life it is.

(All photos by Melody McClure)


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