Oh, serendipity

December 31, 2009 at 10:58 am Leave a comment

It’s very tempting and somewhat obvious to write not only a year in review post, but a decade in review. I can’t say I haven’t thought about it. But I think for me to fully reflect upon my life in the past year (plus nine), to analyze and assess, connect and conclude, and then have it all make sense to anyone else would take me until sometime well into March, at which point the novelty of it will have all worn off, and you’d be going, “Ah — it’s March; where have you been?” And given my obsession with analyzing my obsession with over-analyzing, it’s probably best if I skip it altogether. Instead, I’ll tell you a short story.

I was at work last night later than I’d planned. I was tired, exhausted, anxious to go home and stay there forever. Very often, when I feel my thoughts beating chaotically against the inside of my skull, I’ll stop everything and stare out a window. It’s not to stare at anything in particular, and usually I see nothing of interest; it’s just to look out there, into infinity. Like searching for a stronger cellular signal, it seems to give my thoughts farther reach and clearer focus. More bars for my cerebrum.

But there, right outside my window at the end of my thought stream, the full moon was rising in the middle of the wintry sunset. He was just peeking over top of a thin streak of cloud, and as I sat for just a minute or two gazing at the glory of it, the moon had already risen a distance equivalent to the length of my thumbnail on my outstretched arm. With one eye closed and the other squinting, naturally.

It might as well have been that the sky had opened up and the voice of God himself had thundered down upon my ears saying, “Don’t just sit there, stupid!” So I grabbed my camera and dashed outside. I zoomed in and set my aperture. Framed. Focused. Click! Click! Click! I was happy to capture the full moon, large in the dusky sky. Still, looking at the image in my frame, it seemed half-empty. Pretty, but vacant. Which is when, as if on cue, I noticed an object gliding into the picture: a flock of geese, slipping steadily and silently across the sky, like a rowboat across a pond. Click! Click! And they were gone.

I smiled, giddy, at the moon. A few minutes too early or too late and I would have missed it entirely. Glee is the only word to describe it. Pure, unabashed glee.

I recently wrote about an obstacle that’s been challenging me for much of the past year. I’m often too fearful of failure or something else equally idiotic to be able to live in a moment or seize opportunties. Last night I did both, albeit in a small way, but I was rewarded nevertheless. And I’d say that even a small, serendipitous reward is a very good way to sign off on the twenty-ohs.

Here’s to a happy, happy new year full of courage, hope, accomplishment, and serendipity.

(And thinner thighs.)

Update: As it turns out, it’s a blue moon! (A day early?)


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